26. Januar 2019

5 years Voxnox

Samstag, 26.1.2019 - 23.59 bis open end

Lehmann Club Stuttgart

Voxnox Records is a berlin based vinyl label. Voxnox is a creation of a unique and outrageously creative collective of women and men, woven out of the same yarn and cut from the same cloth. A strong family-like cohesion is the foundation of the record label philosophy! Voxnox was born from a pressing need to represent an alternative view on music. The Voxnox Records 5 years tour starts at Lehmann Club Stuttgart!

Remco Beekwilder (Monnom Black, Emerald)
Alignment (Voxnox, Involve)
Sept (Voxnox, Prodigal Son)
Raphael Dincsoy (abstract, Lehmann)

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